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Tory Lane Interracial Anal: The Ultimate Ass Fucking of 2009?

Sometimes I find myself at a loose end. What do I do with these times of existential angst and crushing ennui? I watch porn, of course.

But sometimes I take it too far and not only do I watch porn; I take notes on it and write brief but insightful reviews on said porn, such as Tory Lane Interracial Anal.

My therapist says that this is not normal behavior, but she takes notes on porn that someone else has watched, so who the fuck is she to pass judgment? 

Anyway: today’s brief porn review involves a plucky young lady called Tory Lane. Tory’s super into taking black cock right up her holiest of holies, and who am I to judge?

I’m the fucking author of this review, that’s who. Let’s take a look at “Tory Lane Interracial Pussy And Anal Thrashing” which was part of the 2009 Jules Jordan DVD, Breast Worship 2!

Tory Lane Interracial Pussy And Anal Thrashing: Overview 

  • Directed by: Jules Jordan
  • Starring: Tory Lane and Lexington Steele
  • Release date: circa 2009 
  • Runtime: 11:17 

Plot Overview 

The girl of the hour, Tory Lane, is inexplicably prowling around an apartment on all fours with a butt plug stuck up her, uh, butt.

One quick cut later, and she’s on a pool table with some dude’s fingers in her mouth. Spoiler alert: that is not all she will have had in her mouth by the end of this clip. 

Tory soon takes her new suitor’s engorged member into her mouth. She is informed by said suitor that he has a “pretty dick”, which you’d have thought Tory would be aware of since the dick in question is quite literally in her mouth.

Also a pretty conceited guy. Let people make their own assessments of the esthetic merits of your penis. 

Lexington directs Tory to present her ass to him. Tory opines that she likes a bossy man. The bossy man slaps her ass in a domineering fashion as if to confirm to her that he is, indeed, bossy. 

Boss man eats Tory’s pussy and then fucks her in it. He also takes the opportunity to test the waters by sticking a thumb in her asshole. Tory, accustomed as she is to prowl the apartment with a butt plug in, is unfazed. 

The gentleman then plunges his manhood into Tory’s ass with little to no preparation, asserting that he is going to “stick this motherfucker all the way in”.

Tory seems receptive to this, recommending that he “stretch it like a pink rubber band”. Tory seems more adept at sticking various objects in her ass than she does at similes. 

At length, Tory expresses a desire to “taste that ass”. The gentlemen gladly oblige, and Tory sucks on the penis that was, mere moments before, so deep that it was likely tickling her lower intestine. Tory seems to be a fan of this. 

Is It Worth Watching? 

I can’t really fault “Tory Lane Interracial Pussy And Anal Thrashing” for accomplishing exactly what its title suggests.

Further, it doesn’t outstay its welcome; at a lean eleven minutes and seventeen seconds, the unknown director does what Spielberg and Cameron cannot, and turns in a compelling work of cinematographic flair in less than a quarter of an hour. 

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All in all: if you’re a fan of watching potty-mouthed butt plug enthusiasts get their anus destroyed by uncommonly large penises, then “Tory Lane Interracial Pussy And Anal Thrashing” is the movie for you. 

I’m Nicole and I’ve been rubbing my c*nt to porn since I first discovered the internet, and it’s played a defining role in my life ever since. Newporncity has been described as an adult guide by porn fanatics, for porn fanatics and it's my gift to the adult industry I adore and my fellow porn enthusiasts, whom I equally love.



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