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No Morals Review: A 1970s Tabu Film Icon?

Opening with a gloriously animated cumming penis in the style of Monty Python, No Morals is a demented German porn movie from sometime in the 1970s.

It’s surprisingly hardcore for the time when American and British adult movies were still stuck in the realm of ribald innuendo and the occasional tit. 

No Morals: Overview 

  • Release date: 1970s 
  • Produced by: Tabu Film 
  • Starring: Unknown female actors, unknown male actors, unknown German ‘staches 
  • Runtime: 19:02 

No Morals: Plot 

At the start of No Morals, a sexy maid opens the door of a large house and lets in two strapping men with big hair and bigger ‘staches. The two men bear T-shirts saying “Adonis Massage”. They are there to massage the lady of the house, who is an older woman. 

The two men begin to massage the older lady. She wastes no time in getting their cocks out, and the whole thing degenerates into a spectacle frankly unbecoming of a professional massage company. 

Meanwhile, three girls have entered the house with a large box. Within the box is an inflatable male sex doll. The girls waste no time inflating the doll and straddling its dubiously proportioned cock.

The maid, last seen letting the masseurs in, spies upon the girls and begins using her feather duster to pleasure herself. It is doubtful the duster will be of much use when it comes to dusting household items after this act of wanton debauchery. 

The maid, having finished frigging herself senseless with a cleaning tool I can only assume is full of dust (and, now, lady juice), lets in two workmen.

The workmen encounter two of the girls from upstairs in the kitchen. The girls have forgotten to put their clothes back on; blowjobs, inevitably, ensue. 

Back upstairs, the maid joins the remaining girl in straddling the blow-up doll, leaving this writer living in the hope that she wiped that cock or her pussy off beforehand.

The two girls downstairs have progressed to fucking the workmen, who presumably can’t believe their luck.

The maid and the remaining girl upstairs lez it up; they are interrupted by the two other girls, and then the maid deflates the doll for some reason. 

At this point, things descend into absolute anarchy. The masseurs blow their loads all over the mother, and the maid and her friend have joined the other girls and the workmen in a no-holds-barred orgy.

There are people fucking all over the living room at this point. The maid is definitely failing to meet her contractual standards, and, to boot is getting fucked over a polar bear rug. 

It is at this stage that the man of the house comes home and is frankly aghast at the site of six strange men fucking his wife, maid, daughter, and daughter’s friends. His wife tries to tempt him to join in; the movie ends with the future uncertain. 

Is It Worth Watching?  

If you’re a fan of big hair, big pubes and poor Mario cosplays (check out the workmen), then you’ll love this slice of vintage erotica.

If, on the other hand, you’re less than enthused by the sight of hairy 70s German porn assholes (on the ladies as well as the gents), then you might find less to love.

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