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Kink Consult: Is This The Sticky Key to the Adult World?

“Man, I’m in serious need of a freelance writer!” I told one of my fellow adult webmasters, only for him to respond, “well, have you tried out Kink Consult?”

I had no idea what Kink Consult was, but he went on to explain that it’s an up-and-coming adult consultancy whose services many people in the adult industry are keen to take advantage of.

The name was catchy, it sounded like the answer to my writing needs, and I was keen to check it out!

Now, let me take you by the hand on a sticky journey through this site to see if Kink Consult is everything it’s cracked up to be or just a waste of time!

What is Kink Consult?

Kink Consult is an adult industry consultancy headed by the somewhat notorious Catherine Duffy, AKA “the Queen of Whores, infamous as the figurehead of Whoreuro Magazine.

With some of her equally perverse but business-minded allies, Catherine has formed Kink Consult to provide consulting services across a broad range of adult industry sectors.

Now, this girl has more experience in some of the sleaziest holes of the world than most veteran hookers, and her team are birds of a feather!

What Services Does it Offer?

From eager sex tourists to aspiring adult influencers, Catherine has tried to help all walks of life in the world of sex. Here’s a sample of the kind of services currently on offer from Kink Consult.

  • Adult Copywriting – The Kink Consult team are well-established bloggers in the sex blogging scene. Naturally, this has made their freelance writing services very popular, and their content creation is in high demand by adult webmasters worldwide.
  • Sex Travel – Kink Consult has hired the “Sultan of Sex Tourists”, Karl Majak, to provide some seriously unique sex tourism consultation services to people looking to do everything from visiting a blowjob bar in Thailand for the first time to hopping between Megabrothels and FKK clubs in Germany.
  • Business Consulting – From swinger clubs and sex parties to porn websites and adult blogs, Kink Consult regularly carries out consulting services in the field. It claims that they have the innovation and know-how to take an adult business to the next level and backs this up with a series of project field reports published on its website.
  • Sex Work Advice – From OnlyFans to cam sex shows, sex work is becoming far less of a taboo these days. However, it’s still daunting for a fresh-faced newbie to find their feet. Kink Consult says that it offers an array of consulting services for those eager to dip their toes into the world of legal sex work or take their current career to the next level.

The Design of uses a premium Newspaper X design and looks pretty fuckin’ sleek overall. The site utilizes blocks and keeps things simple. Now, let’s look at the overall design from the top down.

The top of is dominated by a semi-transparent header bar that plays host to the site’s logo and main menu.

I’ve gotta say I’m loving the logo! It’s made up of their brand name in a stylish font but has also incorporated a bound and busty slut that is being brought to a forced orgasm on the top of the letter K. That’s badass!

The site’s main menu is made up of five links taking you to the homepage, their list of services, the team members, the site’s blog, and their contact page. Below that is a featured image of Catherine Duffy herself with the company tagline of “good advice for bad behaviour since 2020!”

The homepage is then divided into neat squares covering the story of the site, the team behind it, client testimonials, and a selection of the latest articles published on the site’s blog.

There’s also an impressive feature that covers the various places where Catherine and her team have been published. From Hustler Magazine to Inverse Mag, that’s not a bad portfolio at all.

What I Like

Anyone can make a website and claim they know their shit about porn and the adult industry, but Catherine and her team are bona fide industry players who can back their claims up. Their level of writing and client feedback says it all, and the fact that Catherine has had her work featured in the likes of Hustler Magazine only serves to verify her skill set further. fills a vital role in the world of kink, too. Even though sexually-liberated lifestyles are far more accessible and less taboo these days, they’re often still shrouded in mystery and misinformation. A lot of people need a helping hand to find their feet in the world of sex tourism, adult business, and sex work, and Kink Consult offers to be their guiding hand.

I also like how regularly publishes in-depth and fun-to-read field reports that cover their team in action, show the methods used to improve businesses and verify just how good their consultancy services are.

Plus, like any good site, is home to a solid blog. As copywriting is the bread and butter of Kink Consult, this acts as a portfolio for adult webmasters to browse. From cam industry advice to insights into global sex tourism, here’s a tonne of worthwhile topics in here!

What I Don’t Like

Even though the site is headed by a woman called “The Queen of Whores”, and she is joined by her equally sexually-liberated colleagues, Kink Consult has no nudity on the site. What the hell?

Whilst the site does have some classy and risque images, there is nothing in the way of bare tits and exposed gash. Then again, I guess they’re trying to look as professional as possible. But some smut would be nice!

Should You Hire The Services of this Adult Consultancy?

Whether you’re looking to hire their consultancy services or check out their array of useful content available via their free blog, is a sex industry consultancy site that fills a much-needed role in the adult world and is one that any dedicated kinkster should consider checking out.

I’m Nicole and I’ve been rubbing my c*nt to porn since I first discovered the internet, and it’s played a defining role in my life ever since. Newporncity has been described as an adult guide by porn fanatics, for porn fanatics and it's my gift to the adult industry I adore and my fellow porn enthusiasts, whom I equally love.


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