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The Whoreuro Review: Catherine Duffy’s Taboo Playground

When you mention the word Whoreuro (pronounced horo), there are two types of people. There are those who say, “what/who the fuck is that?” and those who go wide-eyed in fear that you’ve discovered their favourite forbidden online reading spot.

Two years ago, Whoreuro was born between the legs of a proud whore called Catherine Duffy and has gone from strength to strength ever since. Catherine herself describes herself as a proud whore, a debauched harlot, and a lover of all things that encompass sleaze.

She’s a sex addict and equally addicted to pornography. So much so that people have advised her to seek therapy for it.

But instead, she’s gone the other way and embraced her condition to extreme levels, dragging other people into the sleazy rabbit hole with her.

If that sounds way too sexually extreme for you, then get the fuck out of here because we’re about to peel off this harlot’s panties as we explore her equally infamous site called Whoreuro.

(Because she’s a whore and spends a lot of time in sleazy corners across Europe. Get it?)

What Is Whoreuro?

Put simply, Whoreuro is best described as a cult site that centres around fetish advice, true erotic stories, sex toy guides, porn industry coverage, and everything in between.

According to the site’s owner, the now somewhat infamous Catherine Duffy from Ireland, Whoreuro was started as a boredom project during the lockdown in 2020 and has since boomed into a thriving community of fetishists and sexually liberated adults worldwide.

In two years, the site has achieved a regular 250,000 site hits a month, a membership program with over 250 paying subscribers, and featured some of the world’s most iconic and infamous adult industry figures wearing their merch or starring in interviews.

It’s sleazy, no holes barred, and it’s a lot of fun to explore as there’s a varied portfolio of written and visual content on here. Speaking of which…

The Adult Content on Whoreuro

Ok, where to begin? There is a tonne of content on Whoreuro, so I’m gonna sum up the main categories you’ll want to explore when you first visit the site.

  • International sex guides – Catherine has been around, and her nymphomaniac personality has brought her to all four corners of the globe in search of new sexual experiences. In her naughty travel guides, she details the filthiest corners of various countries she’s personally explored, teaches you where to hook up with locals for casual sex, and the main sexual experiences you need to explore whilst there.
  • True sex stories – One of the site’s most popular features is the well-populated true sex stories section where Catherine details (and I mean details) the filthiest, riskiest, and debauched behaviour she’s carried out. It’s not for the faint-hearted, and I have to say, do not try these stories at home!
  • Fetish Advice – Wanna know how to find a local Gloryhole near you or know how to compose yourself on your first visit to a swinger’s club? Catherine’s fetish advice draws upon her real-life experiences as she shares exclusive advice on various kinks and sex lifestyles that she has learnt through trial and error.
  • Hookups – WHere, do you actually meet a Dominatrix? Where do mature Cougars looking to fuck young men hang out? And where is the best place for Sugar Daddies to meet Sugar Babies? Catherine is heavily active online and is keen to share the various online hookup spots she uses to meet others for casual sex.
  • Members only – Hidden behind a paywall, this is where some of Catherine’s most high-end content is hidden away. From audio sex stories to some of the most extreme WHoreuro confessions, this is reserved for those who pay the membership fee and support the site. 

There are more than 200 articles on Whoreuro, most of which are over 1,700+ words long. It’s fun to just put the article feed on random and explore tips, advice, and debauched sex confessions to see what you can find. 

Is The Member’s Only Subscription Worth It?

In my test of the site, I signed up for the $4.99 a month membership to see what was on offer. After all, it’s about the price of a coffee, so I didn’t have much to lose.

The content on offer is exclusive articles written by Catherine that involve high-end fetish advice and some of her most elite-grade true sex stories, which are a huge draw of traffic to her site.

If you’re into WHoreuro and invested in Catherine’s filthy real-life antics, then the membership is a must solely for the members-only sex confessions featured here.

Plus, members get the chance to interact with Catherine and get access to a whole range of other benefits, too.

But if you’re passing through Whoreuro for a casual browse and the content doesn’t strike a kinky chord within you, you won’t be missing out much by not getting a membership.

The Design of The Site

Apparently, the site’s founder has a background in mainstream marketing, which clearly shows in the site design of Whoreuro. The site uses a premium theme topped off with a professionally-made logo and looks sleek.

The human page welcomes visitors in with a large banner image of Catherine licking dirt off of a dirty high heel. Trust me; it sets the stage for the type of content you’re gonna find on here.

Is it Best Viewed on Mobile Or Desktop?

WHoreuro is well-optimized for both mobile and desktop devices. Personally, I prefer to browse the site on a desktop as there are lots of unmissable erotic photos and other visual content on here, and who wants to miss any details of that, right?

What I Like About Whoreuro

In an age of 4K and VR porn, many people seem to think that written erotica is dead in the water. Although it’s true that you need to be innovative and a damn good writer to keep up, there is a huge demand for written sex stories. The more true to life and detailed, the better.

Catherine’s site grew in popularity largely thanks to her revelations laid out in her true sex stories.

Guys, I guarantee you haven’t read written sex this detailed, graphic, and explicit before. It’s so intense and near the mark that you can practically smell the lube, taste the cum, and feel the squirt spray all over your face. 

The Whoreuro community gallery is pretty fuckin’ cool, too! From used-condom-covered mILFs to Czech whores wearing a Whoreuro BDSM collar, this is a collection of women (and some guys) who have sent in their tributes to the site, which goes to show how strong the community surrounding the site actually is.

Above all, I love how unique the site is. In an age of adult influencers who struggle to break the mould, Whoreuro reminds me of one of the adult blogs that sprung up in the early days of the internet and really leaves a lasting effect.

Put it this way; Whoreuro isn’t a word you’ll forget for a while after exploring the site.

What I Don’t Like

It’s personal preference, but it’s been proven that white text on dark backgrounds leads to more eye strain and bigger bounce rates amongst people reading sites. Whoreuro uses a white-on-dark colour scheme which, although it captures the seedy vibe of the site, makes it hard to read for long periods.

There is a link to a Whoreuro Youtube channel. There are also some mentions on the site of a Youtube channel “coming soon”, but the channel itself is largely inactive aside from a pretty hypnotic introductory video voiced over by Catherine.

Suggestions for Catherine Duffy

Create the option for site visitors to switch between dark and light colour schemes. Some people prefer one or the other, and some physically can’t read white text on dark backgrounds. I get that the colour scheme fits the site’s vibe, but why risk losing valuable traffic?

Also, with such impressive site stats, the Whoreuro Youtube channel really needs to take off. I can see many visitors asking about it in the site’s comments section.

Through kinky but SFW videos, Youtube can be a great avenue of income to take the site further.


When it comes to adult blogs, a lot of them tend to look the same after a while. Many are cookie-cutter style and fail to break out from the sandbox. But this is where Whoreuro is different.

There really isn’t any adult site I can compare it to. The site, the founder, and the community that surrounds it are all equally unique and fascinating. 

With a heavily active Discord, Subbredit, and Twitter that boasts over 30,000 members spread across all three, Whoreuro is an inspiration to all kinksters of what can be achieved within the space of two years with nothing more than drive, an inhuman sex drive, and a lack of disregard for being killed at a Gloryhole booth in a porn cinema.

No seriously! From seedy toilets at a Turkish border post to adult theatres in Eastern Europe, the woman behind this site must have a cunt of steel to be able to go solo in some of the places she visits. She’s much braver than me!

A refreshingly unique adult website that is packed with contentWhoreuro uses a white-on-black color scheme, which is not ideal for long browsing
Surrounded by a thriving fetish community that gives it a cult status
Largely free to use, with membership available for premium content
It loads fast and doesn’t overwhelm you with ads
I’m Nicole and I’ve been rubbing my c*nt to porn since I first discovered the internet, and it’s played a defining role in my life ever since. Newporncity has been described as an adult guide by porn fanatics, for porn fanatics and it's my gift to the adult industry I adore and my fellow porn enthusiasts, whom I equally love.



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