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International Sex Guide Review: A Sex Tourist’s Dream?

Have you ever been abroad in a foreign country and thought, “fuck, I’d do anything to bang a hooker right now, but where the hell do I find one?” 

Not knowing the lingo and not being used to local customs can be massive barriers to finding pay-for-play opportunities worldwide.

Plus, when you do, how do you know you’re paying the right price for sex and not being ripped off?

Well, that’s where site’s like ISG come in to help. It’s a niche site topic, that’s for sure, but ISG is dedicated to writing international sex guides to numerous countries as well as sharing true sex stories, providing hookup advice, and carrying out in-depth reviews of everything from Bukkake parties to creampie gangbang orgies.

ISG is run by a dude called Karl Majak, who describes himself as a “full-time sex tourist”, and his whore wife Monika. I’m not being offensive; she’s a literal whore who’s spent a decade as a sex worker.

Could you ask for a better team to guide you through the world of paid sex, keep you safe, and keep your wallet from getting light, or do they not have a fuckin’ clue what they’re doing? Let’s find out!

What is Intl Sex Guide?

ISG was formed by Karl Majak because, in his words, he felt that there was a massive need for reliable, up-to-date advice for new and experienced sex tourists alike.

It’s quickly found a warm place in the hearts of male and female sex tourists and gets an average of 75,000 – 100,000 site hits a month.

In Karl’s eyes, the term sex tourist has been dragged through the mud, and there’s a stereotype that all sex tourists are balding, fat losers who have no other choice but to pay for sex. Yeah, I agree with this damaging media stereotype that’s often thrown around.

With ISG, Karl regularly released in-depth but easy-to-follow guides on sex scenes in many countries, from Asia and Europe to North and South America.

With his hooker partner in sex, Monika, you can rest assured that the guides are accurate and true to form. 

What’s The Content Like On ISG?

All of the content on ISG is written and accompanied by some very explicit and unique pictures which I believe have been captured by Karl and Monika over the years or shared from other public domain sources online.

Travel guides – The mainstay of the site is its travel guides that cover everything from what the women are like in said country, where to meet hookers online and in person, the prostitution menu available (with prices), and crucial advice to conduct your sex tourism safely in each destination.

True sex stories – Karl’s been down many holes, and Monika’s been balls deep on many lengths. So this kinky duo has a tonne of sex stories that they love to share in extremely explicit detail. Plus, the site also features regular guest posts from ISG fans. My personal favourite was a true confession of a 19-year-old broke backpacker girl retelling her experience working as a nude maid for a seedy swinging couple in England.

Online sex – The category deals with stuff like guides to porn games, the best adult webcam sites, sex tourism and prostitution-themed porn channels to check out, and all that jazz.

Interviews – From South African Disciplinarian Dommes to notorious international whores like Catherine Duffy, the site has some well-organized interviews that provide a really cool insight into the global world of sex. My favourite was an interview with a female sex tourist called Nomad Nympho, which really redefines the stereotype of sex tourism.

Reviews – The ISG team regularly carries out field reports and reviews of adult establishments, parties, and other events. One of their most popular articles is a review of the Welsh Gangbang party that saw a busty teen get creampied by over twelve guys. In the end, Karl thanked the organizers for the invite by going down on the girl to do a creampie cleanup. All in the name of research, I think.

So there’s way more than just kinky travel guides on this site. You can find everything from true sex confessions from the sleaziest red light districts on earth to frontline reviews of creampie orgies so graphic that you can almost feel the sloppy seconds splashing on your d.

The Design of The Site

It’s clear that Karl has equal knowledge in web design as much as his wife does in sucking cock. He’s done a really good job with the overall site design, and it looks damn sleek. 

The main menu guides you through the site’s highlights, from their international sex guides and hookup advice to insights into the online sex world, such as live cams and porn games. 

The latest article posted by the ISG team dominates the homepage in a full-page spread, followed by three article samples from various site categories as well as a short introductory box detailing what the site is about in brief. 

When you click on a post, you’ll see the featured image dominating the top of the page and the article title and content below. The post pages and divided with text dominating three-quarters of the page and a sidebar (with a simple ad and a list of featured posts) on the remaining quarter of the side.

Mobile Versus Desktop

The site works equally well on desktop and mobile devices, but the latter loads slightly faster. For researching sex travel to new destinations, I’d recommend viewing the site on a desktop. 

But if you’re just looking to browse and be entertained by some well-written sex stories and unique reviews of stuff like creampie gangbangs, then the mobile version is a great choice for on the move.

What I Like About This International Sex Guide Site

The people behind this site know what they’re talking about, which is important when giving horny bastards like us sex travel advice, right?

Karl has spent the past five years as a full-time sex tourist and has ticked off a lot of countries, and an even bigger amount of pussy, over his travels. 

He’s clearly learnt a lot through trial and error and is keen to share his experiences with other horny travellers to help them dodge common mistakes often seen in the sex industry. His writing style is funny, non-PC and no-nonsense.

Equally, Karl’s busty and slutty partner Monika channels her skills and knowledge earned in a decade of sex work to advise on sex tourism etiquette, pricing structures, and more. Together, this sex tourist and sex worker duo make a damn good team.

The site is completely free to use, with no membership option offered. But at the same time, the site has handled ads in a very classy way. The ads are relevant (live sex cams and escort hookup sites like Smooci), non-invasive, and don’t pull any bullshit like forced redirects, which I hate.

What I Don’t Like

Karl’s content is a joy to read, but your wife is the head-turner. Monika is featured in a few promo pics on the site with the ISG logo spread across her enormous natural tits, but her writing is outnumbered by Karl and other male writers on the scene. We wanna see more of Monika!

Suggestions For The Site

To make the site, and sex tourism as a concept, more acceptable and relatable to women, include more in-depth content from or featuring Monika. Maybe an interview with her or more confessions from her time working as a prostitute, etc.


In years gone by, the realm of sex tourism has been a massively underground scene and one that’s surrounded by media-fuelled stereotypes based on a minority of perverted lowlife fucks who give the rest of sexually-liberated travellers a bad name.

But ISG is a website representing the future face of sex tourism: Modern, ethical, and in your face. Karl and Moika are both experienced and talented writers who are well-suited to cover this unique and kinky world. 

Whether you’re seeking a new kinky destination, looking for ways to make your vacation a lil’ extra spicy, or want to check out some decent adult content, ISG is a free experience that is worth checking out.  

A unique site dominating the sex tourism nicheMale-written articles outnumber Monika’s content
Well-written articles that are fun to read
Content created by sex tourists for sex tourists
An easy-to-use, well-designed and organized site 
I’m Nicole and I’ve been rubbing my c*nt to porn since I first discovered the internet, and it’s played a defining role in my life ever since. Newporncity has been described as an adult guide by porn fanatics, for porn fanatics and it's my gift to the adult industry I adore and my fellow porn enthusiasts, whom I equally love.


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