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Crackwhore Confessions: Deep in the Annals of Skanky Street Porn

In an era of 4K porn and high-value productions, many people have forgotten about the wild west days of porn when eFukt and were in their prime.

Yet this was an era of raw, gritty, and hardcore porn at its finest, and few porn networks ticked all of these boxes better than Crack Whore Confessions.

Crack Whore Confessions delved into the anals of sleazy skanks from street hookers to lot lizards in one of the most taboo, gritty, and in-your-face porn productions ever seen.

“Watching this disturbing movie fucked up my entire evening,” Kulkis said. “I felt dirty and guilty. You know, like how porn used to make you feel in the good ol’ days.”

– Infamous ‘Crackwhore Confessions’ Makes DVD Debut

Watching this years ago, I often wondered if the guy behind the camera survived his dangerous career. Well, apparently, he did because Crack Whore Confessions is still fucking going!

But in an age where this taboo content is seen as exploitation and frowned upon, what does Crack Whore Confessions have to offer in the modern era? This review finds out!

What is Crack Whore Confessions?

crackwhore confessions min

Crack Whore Confessions is an old-school porn network that interviews real drug addicts on the streets about their life before fucking them for cash. It’s insanely taboo, and the crack whore porn videos within are not for the faint-hearted.

According to the Crack Whore Confessions website, the aim of the porn videos is to show people the dangers of drug use and the resultant life on the streets that often follows.

However, the guy behind the camera doesn’t seem too concerned about his own safety and often slides his dick bareback into these disenfranchised women. Speaking of which!

What Kind of Crack Hoe Porn Videos are on the Site?

crack whore confessions min

It still amazes me how this guy managed to trawl the streets to interview and fuck so many battle-hardened crackwhores and live to tell the tale.

But out of all the Crack Whore Confessions on the site, the following porn videos are amongst the ultimate highlights.

Crack Whore Woman Brings Her Daughter to Work

In one of the site’s latest videos that racked up tonnes of views, a skinny blonde whore confesses she has been working alongside her 19-year-old daughter for the past 3 years and regularly fucks guys with her.

The cameraman samples this mother-and-daughter porn duo out with his cock and gets sucked by both of them senseless in a taboo adventure.

Streetwise MILF Whore With Giant Fake Tits

Meet Gili, a girl who views street violence as the perfect way to start the day. This hard-bitten slut has a gorgeous pair of fake tits and confesses all manner of things about her brutally hard life as a street whore.

Gili claims she has stabbed clients and knocked dudes out in bars for grabbing her tits. Fresh out of being in prison for 4 years, she shows her pent-up lust for cock by unleashing a balls-deep blowjob before emptying the protagonist’s balls. This bitch is scary but hot as hell!

Toothless Crack Whore Gives a Gumjob at the Trailer Park

This toothless slut has been living at a trailer park for the last 2 years after a 1-year stint in the pen. To make ends meet, she’s keen to let our male protagonist interview her and suck his cock in one of the best (if traumatic) gumjob porn videos ever seen! Her life might be a car crash, but if she could put cock sucking on her resume, she’d be hired within 1 year!

Design of Crackwhore Confessions

The height of Crack Whore Confessions was arguably in the early noughties, and it looks as though the site hasn’t been modernized since then. It’s extremely dated and could really do with an overhaul.

What I Like

This site surely isn’t to everyone’s tastes, but there’s nothing else like it. It’s a documentary crossed with a porno that’s gritty and realistic, and it doesn’t come more hardcore than this. You truly never know what you’re going to get.

Unlike a lot of premium porn sites, Crack Whore Confessions gives users a free video trailer so they can get a taste of the content before they sign up to be a member.

Membership is also very affordable and costs around $1, which, in today’s climate, isn’t a bad deal at all, especially for such a unique and hardcore porn experience.

What I Don’t Like

The overall design of the site is very dated and is in serious need of an upgrade to bring it up to speed with modern website standards.

Suggestions I Have for the Site

Considering they charge people for a membership, Crack Whore Confessions should make an effort to modernize the site to provide more value for money.


Crack Whore Confessions is a porn site that shocked anyone who watched it in the early noughties, and nothing has changed.

These girls aren’t models. The tagline of Crack Whore Confessions is “prepare to scar your mind!” and the extremely hardcore porn videos on the site do exactly that.

One of the few documentary porn crossovers ever made, there is truly nothing else out there like Crack Whore Confessions. Give it a try if you think you can handle these porn videos!

Pros and Cons of Crack Whore Confessions

An insanely unique porn site that defined the annals of the internet in the noughtiesThe overall site design is pretty dated
The porn videos are gritty, extreme, and adrenaline-fuelled porn unlike any other
Membership is affordable

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