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The Ultimate LiveJasmin Review: The OG of Cam Sex Sites

Traditional porn is all well and good, but it’s sometimes a little like watching a movie when what you really want is a video game.

There’s just no viewer agency, no ability to influence proceedings. The best porn in the world is still just you sitting there jerking off while someone else controls all the action.

What if YOU want to direct the action? 

Well, my dear friends, that’s where cam sites come in. More specifically, the king of cam sites: LiveJasmin. 

What Is LiveJasmin? 

LiveJasmin is pretty much the most prestigious and well-respected cam site on the block.

It’s the gold standard in feed quality, performer variety, and customer service. It has stayed at the top of the pile for a very long time based on the strength of these factors and its formidable reputation.

But does LiveJasmin, in 2023, still deserve this reputation? Or is it coasting on past glories? 

What Kind Of Live Sex Experiences Can You Find On LiveJasmin? 

This is one area where LiveJasmin really does live up to its stellar reputation – the sheer breadth of smut on display for humble porn aficionados like you and I.

Whatever you’re into, there’s an excellent chance that you’ll find it on LiveJasmin – gay, straight, trans, foot fetishism, water sports, teen, MILF, ebony, Asian, etc. etc. etc. LiveJasmin has it all. 

Let’s take a look at the best categories LiveJasmin has to offer. 


One of the downsides of cam sites is that quite often the performers are working multiple sites at once.

This is good for them as they maximize their shot at profits, but not so good for you or I. After all, the point of cam sites is that they give you a little of that personal touch, right?

What’s less personal than knowing the girl you’re chatting up also has 5 other guys on 3 other sites chatting too? 

The ‘Exclusive’ category removes the possibility of that. You’re guaranteed that the performer you’re talking to is on LiveJasmin only; if you buy a private show, then you know that it’s just you and her. 

Hot Flirt 

This is sort of a weird one, a little like paying a hooker just to have a chat. In Hot Flirt rooms, the models don’t get nude, and they don’t do sexual shit.

This rule is strictly adhered to in group chats and is often (but not always) the case in private chats. I guess you could try to talk the performer into doing sexual stuff in a private chat – but why bother when you could just go for a model that will do sexy stuff behind closed doors?

Different strokes, I guess. 


I’m sure you don’t need me to draw a picture here. This is the category where you go if you wanna chat with girls.

But not just any girls; these are some of the hottest and most sexually-liberated women you’ll ever find! 


In the MILF section of the site, camgirls operate under much the same definition of ‘mature’ as soccer players – if they’re older than 32, they’re mature. 

Soul Mate 

If ‘Hot Flirt’ largely removes the possibility of the model getting naked, then ‘Soul Mate’ removes it entirely. There’s no sexy time of any sort at all with a Soul Mate model. Again, each to their own. 


This category generally offers girls working from home without any kind of studio backing or professional production values. Lo-fi, but often much more authentic than anything the more established, professional performers put out. 


That is exactly what it sounds like; a place to find male-to-female (MTF) performers. Unlike a lot of generalist cam sites, LiveJasmin actually has a good stable of MTF models. 

New Girls/Boys

This is not the place to go if you are the newbie in question, dummy. This is the place for new camgirls/boys who’ve just got into the game.

Because they’re new and unproven, they generally charge less, making this the place to go for cheaper private chats.

Also, because they’re new, they’re by definition less experienced and often quite nervous, traits that may or may not do it for you. I ain’t here to judge. 


‘Fetish’ is obviously a pretty broad category covering all manner of filthy, filthy indiscretions, and this is the category where you’ll find them.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any subcategories for particular kinds of fetishes; however, I find that the models will do pretty much whatever you ask, provided you’ve got the coins and it isn’t painful/illegal. 


Models who have the ‘certified’ badge are vouched for by LiveJasmin themselves. So you’re assured of a top-quality performance of the utmost professionalism if you opt for these performers. Can be a little pricier because they are, by definition, high quality. 


Just what you’d expect: two for the price of one. Couples are overwhelmingly MF, with very few MM/FF couples on the site. 

Honorary Category Mention 

If you can’t find anything covered by the above categories, fear not! Livejasmin has your back in two ways: one is with its trending tags, and the other is with its search function.

If you’re looking for a particular fetish and don’t have time to trawl the ‘fetish’ category, you can just look for #footfetish or whatever in the tags section.

If that fails you, you can simply search for it. LiveJasmin’s search section is pretty good; chances are it’ll pull up what you’re looking for. 

Site Design Of LiveJasmin 

LiveJasmin is the benchmark for cam sites for a reason – it’s clean, slick and intuitive. Your categories, tags etc., are all arranged down the left-hand side, making it quick and easy to find what you’re looking for. 

The bulk of your screen (on desktop or mobile) is taken up with thumbnails of the models themselves.

As is industry standard, hovering over any of the thumbnails will give you a quick peek of what’s going on in that room – assuming they’re publicly available. They may only be available for private chats (denoted by an amber, as opposed to a green, light) or they may already be in a private session (indicated by a red light).

In terms of feed quality, LiveJasmin does a great job of delivering the goods. Not every performer has an HD feed (particularly an issue with some amateurs), but the overwhelming majority do, and it’s rare that you’ll encounter lag or – worse – a dropped connection. 

Overall, LiveJasmin’s site design does what any cam site should do – make it fast and easy to get to the goods. Can’t really argue with that. 

How Much Does LiveJasmin Cost? 

LiveJasmin does offer a free option – you’ve gotta give a taste if you want people to buy the goods, after all – and it’s pretty decent for what it is.

It’s simply a public room with one of the performers, in which you can chat with them and, well, check them out.

Though this is free, don’t expect any sneak peeks or anything too racy. Also, the second the model you’re watching gets the offer of a private or group show, he/she’s gone. 

Private Chat prices depend very much on the performer in question – it could be as little as $1/minute or as much as $10.

Your average cam performer will cost about $2/minute; you may pay extra if you want 2-way audio or video. 

VIP shows are group shows and are the best option for your money. They can cost as little as $3 for a 15-minute show, so as long as you don’t mind sharing, it’s by far the most cost-efficient way of getting to watch a live porn show in HD. 

If you’re not ready to commit, you can take advantage of the ‘sneak peek’ option, where you can take a look at someone else’s private chat for 30 or so seconds, costing you around $2.

This can be disabled by the performer, but since it’s money for nothing as far as they’re concerned, why would they? 

What I Like About LiveJasmin 

LiveJasmin is the biggest show in town for a reason. It’s slick, efficient, and has a massive selection of performers and categories.

Its customer service is also second to none, and it will always reply promptly and speedily to any questions or concerns you have. 

All in all, there’s little reason to go elsewhere unless you’re looking for something specialist, or you’re wanting to save a buck. 

What I Don’t Like About LiveJasmin

Speaking as a gal who doesn’t mind a little sugar in her coffee, the lack of couples options is pretty disappointing.

It would be great to see more (read: any) gay couples on there, just to spice things up a little. 

Also: it’s not the cheapest option out there. It’s high quality, sure, but you’ll be paying for that quality. You’re probably best off exploring other options if you’re working with a budget. 


As I have said many times: there’s a reason LiveJasmin is the gold standard when it comes to cam sites.

It’s slick, presentable, and efficient, and they have a great selection of guys and gals. It could stand to go a little deeper on some niche categories, but as generalist cam sites go, it’s by far the best one on the market. 

I’m Nicole and I’ve been rubbing my c*nt to porn since I first discovered the internet, and it’s played a defining role in my life ever since. Newporncity has been described as an adult guide by porn fanatics, for porn fanatics and it's my gift to the adult industry I adore and my fellow porn enthusiasts, whom I equally love.


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