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Strip Search 1995: Like Showgirls But With Actual Fucking!

Strip Search is a porn classic dating all the way back to 1995. In the same year as Mel Gibson was tearing up screens as William Wallace in Braveheart and Kevin Spacey was fooling everybody (not for the last time) as Keyser Soze in The Usual Suspects, the mavericks behind Strip Search were really pushing the boundaries of cinema by filming a bunch of chicks getting fucked in generic LA locations. 

Strip Search: Overview  

  • Release date: 1995 
  • Starring: Amanda Addams, Ariana, Brick Majors, Colt Steel, Felecia, Kaylan Nicole, Luc Wylder, Selena 
  • Runtime: 99 mins 
  • Directed by: Fred J. Lincoln 

The plot shares similarities with another 1995 release: Paul Verhoeven’s much-maligned Showgirls.

Like Showgirls, there are lots of strippers and tits. Unlike Showgirls, there’s actual fucking. So it’s pretty much a win all around. 

The plot revolves around the trials and tribulations of this stable of strippers in some generic LA dressing room.

One of them (Kaylan Nicole) has a boyfriend called Joe. Joe goes missing; some of the other girls worry about Nicole cutting into their tips because she’s super hot. 

One of the other strippers (Addams) offers for Nicole to come and stay at her place after Joe still doesn’t show. Felecia then proceeds to fuck her boyfriend while Nicole sleeps on the couch. 

A couple of the strippers suspect Joe never existed, and Nicole is crazy. Nicole comes back worried, and the two strippers reassure her. They then fuck.   

Nicole goes to a PI who looks like a porn star. He says he can help her, but it will take time. He goes to see some random guys who look like porn stars and also a girl who looks like a porn star.

They know Nicole but not her boyfriend. The female friend says she has a history of having imaginary friends.

The PI then goes to see Nicole’s former landlady. She says Nicole always paid the rent on time, and they fuck. It’s a wonder anyone ever gets any work done, what with all the fucking. 

The PI goes back to Nicole and tells her that her boyfriend doesn’t exist. She says that he does. Shockingly, they don’t fuck. 

It turns out that Joe is real (Brick Majors). Nicole breaks up with him because he’s been AWOL. Joe is sad and then fucks one of the strippers. 

Nicole goes to thank the PI. She tells him that she was over Joe anyway because she’d fallen in love with him. They fuck. 

Best Scenes Of Strip Search 

Amanda Addams/Luc Wylder 

Nicole’s stripper buddy fucks her boyfriend while she’s asleep. Features blowjob, missionary, and doggy. 

Kaylan Nicole/Felecia/Selena 

Girl-on-girl three-way featuring cunnilingus, face-sitting, strap-on and tribbing. 

Ariana/Colt Steel 

The PI fucks Nicole’s landlady. Blowjob, cunnilingus, fingering, missionary, cowgirl. 

Brick Majors/Ariana 

Nicole’s ex fucks one of her colleagues. Cunnilingus, blowjob, missionary, doggy. 

Kaylan Nicole/Colt Steel 

The headlining act and Nicole’s only sex scene despite her being the star. Blowjob, doggy, missionary, cunnilingus. 

Is Strip Search Worth Watching? 

Absolutely! If not for the amazing mid-90s hairstyles, then definitely for the smooth jazz that plays during every sex scene. Also, Kaylan Nicole is legitimately smoking hot. 

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