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Overheard Sex Reddit Review: Is It Worth a Listen?

I love watching porn. No, I fucking ADORE watching porn! But sometimes, I need to take time out from visual smut and let my brain recuperate.

But my pussy is a cute lil’ beast that constantly needs feeding, so I’m never off the hook that easily!

Thankfully, visual porn isn’t the only way to feed a high sex drive. There’s erotic literature, sensory play, and audio porn to enjoy.

It’s the latter that we’re going to be looking into today. In a review I’ve been looking forward to, we’re gonna be looking at the notorious Overheard Sex Reddit!

The Overheard Sex Reddit is a controversial community centres around the sex noises of others that have been secretly or knowingly recorded then uploaded online.

From clandestine recordings of couples having affairs in sleazy hotels to self-submitted posts of filthy fuck buddies who love random perverts on the internet jerking to the sounds of them cumming, it’s an erotic audio adventure that’s increasingly becoming a firm favourite amongst audio porn fans worldwide.

Whilst it’s got a dirty reputation, is it all it’s cracked up to be? This Overheard Sex Reddit dives between the thin walls to see if this subreddit is worth joining. Now, let’s get started!

What is The Overheard Sex Reddit Community?

r/OverheardSex is a niche Reddit community that was made in the summer of 2014 and is currently made up of over 86,000 members.

It’s described as the opposite of r/HoldTheMoan, and its short but sweet description simply says, “Sometimes people get carried away during sex. Sometimes it gets recorded.”

This community allows people to upload audio or video files of sexual encounters they’ve overheard or have self-recorded themselves. The latter type of content is an ongoing issue in the subreddit, but more on that later. 

In the era of readily available, and often free, 4K and VR porn, you might be wondering why people would choose to opt for something so basic as audio files of someone else having sex, some of which are often grainy and poor quality. Well, it’s simple.

Listening to another couple have sex is fucking taboo, especially when it’s intense and well-recorded.

Closing your eyes and listening to the slapping sounds of a cock slamming into a wet pussy whilst you imagine how the female looks, how big the dick is of the guy banging her, and the thoughts going through the heads of those sneakily recording it is a masturbation experience like no other. 

I highly suggest you try it out and slip away from visual porn to give your other senses a chance to recover and enjoy themselves at the same time.

Still not convinced? Let’s see what you think after I reveal the type of content you can expect to find in this taboo subreddit. 

What Kind of Reddit Sex Audio Will You Hear?

Now, where do I begin? There’s enough overhead sex audio in this subreddit to make yourself go deaf! 

From couples fucking in motel rooms with exceptionally thin walls to creepy sons sliding recording devices under the door of their promiscuous divorcee mums, there’s a huge variety of content in here. 

It was hard to pick my favourite audios from the sub, but I managed to choose five of the filthiest and most taboo I had experienced.

  • Recordings of a Russian MILF neighbour and her lover – The uploader described the Russian MILF in this clip as an uptight violin teacher who once made cookies for the OP. As he listened to her loudly fuck one of her lovers with a pen microphone through the wall, he wished he could speak Russian to understand her dirty talk. Thankfully, some Russian speakers in the sub helped translate the rather taboo things she was saying. She had an incest fetish and demanded the younger guy fucking her called her mommy as she grunted all manner of Russian dirty talk in his ear, all heard with crystal-clear precision through the ridiculously thin walls!
  • Latino couple in a hotel – Hotels are apparently ground zero for overheard sex, according to the people in this subreddit, and this recording of a cheating Latino couple proves it. I’m a simple slut, if I hear “ayy, papiiii!” I click upvote, and this audio has a lot of it. These two fuck like rabbits before the girl begs the guy to creampie her Latina pussy. The cherry on the cake? You can hear the guy calling his wife to say he’ll be home soon after he fucks her. Damn, I hope his wife ain’t in the Overheard Sex Reddit!
  • Radio reporter getting fucked while visiting a swinger club – This hot blonde reporter visited a swinger’s club for some trashy tabloid report. However, lust got the better of her, and she was persuaded to go all the way and fuck some of the local swingers. She forgot to turn off her mic and ended up broadcasting herself getting fucked to orgasm on national TV. Now there’s a girl who truly loves her job!
  • I Secretly Record my Slutty Sister getting Fucked by a Random Guy – It’s not easy having a whore for a little sister, but the upside is you’ll get some great Reddit Karma if you record her getting her 19-year-old brains fucked out and then post it to Reddit. This perverted brother did just that as he recorded his teen sister getting fucked by some chad, squirting all over his dick, and queefing like a motherfucker. It’s insanely hot, but if she’s that much of a harlot at 19, I can’t even imagine what she’ll be like when she’s 40.

The content in the Overheard Sex Reddit can be anywhere from thirty seconds long to over an hour, and the intensity varies wildly from one upload to the next. Truth be told, you never know what kind of filth you’ll uncover whilst browsing through. 

What’s The Design Like?

As it’s awkward to upload audio files to Reddit, r/OverheardSex uses a selection of trusted third-party audio hosting sites for people to share their dirty audio files. The main one used is which is pretty basic but works flawlessly as an audio player.

The Overheard Sex Reddit only has one post flair that is used to mark out when a post is “self-recorded”, as in when the user has specifically recorded himself or herself having sex and hasn’t just stumbled upon others fucking each other accidentally. Naturally, the latter type of post is the one that is most favoured in the community. 

Most of the time, posts in the group are accompanied by a description. This can be something as mundane as “This is the very end of a session with my wife. I cum in her at the end” to an immensely detailed breakdown of an hour-long audio file with in-depth descriptions of those involved, timestamps of orgasms, and links to further related audio files if there is any. 

What I Like About the Overheard Sex Subreddit

Firstly, whilst there is a tonne of NSFW communities on Reddit, there’s arguably no other subreddit like this one.

r/OverheardSex is a niche corner of the site, that’s for sure, but it’s also a heavily active one with a passionate community of people who adore listening to the squelching sounds of others fucking.

I also love the effort that is put into captions that accompany posts in the community. Some people write small essays to truly paint a picture of the audio in question, giving you as much ammunition as you need to let your imagination run wild as you masturbate to overheard sex.

What I Don’t Like

For a subreddit this active and with over 86,000 members, there’s a major lack of creativity in the community’s overall design. It has neither a profile picture nor a cover photo, making it an intensely bland site to greet any new visitor to the sub.

There’s also a major lack of flairs in general to navigate such a huge wealth of audio content submitted since 2014. The only flair that exists is the one to mark posts as self-recorded.

Plus, to make the flair situation worse, there’s a persistent issue with people submitting self-recorded posts without the flair, which is a commonly talked about issue in the group. However, the admins have been much better at dealing with it in recent months.

Sometimes, you will get a chancer who’ll record a porno from his laptop and submit it to the group with a caption like “busty Latina MILF I fucked hard last night!”.

However, the users here have pretty keen fucking ears after listening closely to overheard sex for so long, so they’re often quickly called out and have their posts wiped away like an unwanted cumshot.

Suggestions That I Have For This Subreddit

With the amount of cutting-edge porn technology available these days, it can be hard to persuade your average porn consumer to consider listening to nothing more than amateur porn audio. But you can almost guarantee they’ll be hooked when they dip their toe in the water of r/OverheardSex.

However, this means you also need to give something to get something. To attract curious visitors into clicking the audio files within the subreddit, design a decent-looking cover photo and a logo to grab people’s attention from the beginning. At the moment, it looks dull as fuck!

Also, there needs to be a lot more work put into flairs so that people can easily filter content. For example, MILF, teen, gay, blowjob, sloppy, hotel sex, etc. would really make the Overheard Sex Reddit a breeze to explore and find the type of content to make dicks hard and pussies drip!

Is r/OverheardSex Worth Listening To?

It’s far from perfect when it comes to flairs and subreddit design, but the Overheard Sex Reddit is a community I highly recommend checking out. 

There simply isn’t any other sub like r/OverheardSex, and it’s a solid way to diversify your porn consumption with something that requires you to use a little more imagination and let your senses run wild as a result. 

A unique community of overheard sex posters and enthusiastsA lack of inspiration regarding subreddit customisation and cover pictures
Tonnes of audio files to browse conveniently hosted on soundgasm.netPosters rarely use the flair for self-recorded posts to mark out their content
Many posts come with detailed captions to help you visualise the audioA major lack of flairs makes it difficult to narrow down the content

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