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TastyBlacks Review: The Homeland of Ebony Porn?

The contrast of white cum on black skin, the divine shape of their curvy bodies, and those luscious plump lips that were just made for sucking cock. There’s just something about ebony sluts that hit differently, and I’m not the only one who thinks so. 

These days, the horny demand for ebony and black porn is so high that there are porn tube sites entirely dedicated to the niche. However, few are as renowned as TastyBlacks!

TastyBlacks is a website that has been fighting the never-ending battle to quench the lust of those seeking new videos of black cocks and ebony pussy, and they’re doing a pretty fine job of it!

But with so many porn competitors out there, does TastyBlacks have what it takes to remain at the top of the black porn food chain these days? This review reveals everything!

What is TastyBlacks?

TastyBlacks is a porn aggregator site that incorporates every niche of ebony and black porn you could ever imagine and dominates the search results of this porn niche.

Because it’s an aggregator and not a free tube site like Pornhub or XHamster, the website doesn’t produce or physically host any of the featured video content; it just embeds it from other sites and opens videos in a new tab.

This way, when users browse and click on a video thumbnail, both TastyBlacks and the original websites where the videos are hosted get the benefits of the traffic.

The Ebony Porn Videos on Tasty Blacks

When it comes to black porn, few sites blow you away as hard as TastyBlacks in terms of the range of content.

This place is a literal alphabet of smut centred around hung black guys and slutty black whores, all of whom are willing to take you on a virtual sex adventure through their content.

When I say this website is like an alphabet of porn categories to browse, I’m not kidding! The thumbnails of categories have a ton of sorting options starting from A for African Aunt At An Anal Audition (she passed with flying colors) to Yoga Whore Gets Wet! But, like any porn addict, I do have favourites that I love to watch!

  • Black MILF unleashed on a white dick – This free and easy MILF is clearly sex-starved and has never seen a white cock before because the first thing she does is try and destroy her throat upon it in a throat fucking display like no other! Honestly, this clip features one of the best blowjobs I’ve seen on the internet.
  • Sex stories at the police station – One of my favourite quality categories of videos is seeing a sleazy whore in a tight spot get out of it through sexual favours. Following a strip search, this BBW black slut is arrested for stealing money but soon gets herself out of it by letting the arresting officer fuck her raw in her big black ass!
  • Drug user loses a bet – This amateur footage shows an alleged user having to suck a bunch of dicks as a forfeit relevant to a deal made. Cue one of the most taboo blowbangs you’ve ever seen! Judging from her insanely hot appearance, her title is probably just for the storyline.

Design of The Site

The design of is pretty old school and will probably put the zoomers off when they first visit. But stick with it; Like a MILF date who is acting like a Karen to a waitress, it’s worth putting up with for the ride ahead!

The homepage of Tasty Blacks takes you to the site’s categories page, where all of the featured porn niches are neatly presented in rows of four large and clearly labelled thumbnails, complete with the number of videos in each niche. 

When you click on a niche, you can filter the content by popular, latest, and length. Videos in the category are the same as the homepage and divided into rows of four videos with metadata detailing stuff like duration, upload date, tags, the original site it was uploaded on and where you’ll be taken if you click the link.

There’s also a flag button if you feel you need to complain about any particular video.

What I Like About It

Few websites can match this level of ebony and black porn in terms of free content. From big-dick black shemales and quality MILFs to ebony teens and hung, handsome black men, there’s a black porn category for every kink and desire here, and it’s flawlessly simple to use the search function to find relevant links and categories. 

Not everyone is a fan of an aggregator site, as many don’t tell you what porn site it will redirect you to when you click on a link.

Nobody wants to get the online version of Herpes through a slutty and virus-riddled site, right? Well, Tasty Blacks clearly marked each video with the original host that you’ll be taken to, and I didn’t see any shady-looking links on there, either. You can always google the site before browsing it to see if it’s decent or if there’s something wrong.

I’m also a sucker for a well-designed logo. Although it’s a little dated in comparison to some modern black porn sites, the logo design reminds me of the old Blacksploitation movies and gives me Jackie Brown vibes.

Plus, as with most porn aggregator sites, there’s a refreshing lack of ads on Tasty Blacks, too! So you won’t need an ad blocker on this free porn site. No complaints there!

What I Don’t Like About The Website

Considering there are millions of videos featured on Tasty Blacks, the filters on the site aren’t the most imaginative and don’t do much to aid users in finding the specific porn they’re after. 

There isn’t much in the way of written content on the site, and it could do with an about page and a blog to really reinforce its dominant position as a leading ebony porn aggregator. 

Suggestions That I Have For This Black Porn Website

Add a blog and get some writers producing ebony porn-related articles for the site. There are so many cool topics to write about. It would not only drive traffic to the site but also make it more well-established and give it more authority on the topic of black porn. 

And whilst it doesn’t bother me, the dated template the site uses will undoubtedly deter some users from exploring Tasty Blacks in depth. So the site could seriously do with an upgrade to make it more appealing to a wider audience.

Is TastyBlacks One Of The Free Porn Sites Worth Visiting?

If you’re looking for an entire library of black porn pulled from the naughtiest hoods of online porn, then Tasty Blacks is a website that’s jam-packed with more sexual satisfaction than Cardi B’s music videos.

However, it’s neither a tube site nor is it perfect, and it could do with an upgrade. Tasty Blacks might not be for you if you have a penchant for the more sleek and modern-looking porn sites like Pornhub, or XHamster. But it’s well worth giving it a try, just in case!

A powerhouse of quality hardcore black porn videos and categoriesIt could do with a design upgrade to be more modern
TastyBlacks clearly shows the third-party site where porn videos are hostedThere is a lack of search filters for videos added
It’s one of the few porn video websites without annoying ads or pop-upsNot much quality written content on the site
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