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Bongacams Review: A Harem of Eastern European Sluts?

The cam scene goes from strength to strength in this glorious high-speed internet age we live in, and the bigger it gets, the more sites there are. The trick is separating the ultra-HD sites with all the hot chicks from the shitty, popup-laden trash that constantly redirects you to scam sites. 

Luckily, you’ve got this guy to tell you what the fuck’s up, and to separate your LiveJasmins from your xxxpornocamslegitsitenotascamxxx.coms. (Spellchecker is not a fan of that one, let me tell you.) 

Up on the block today is Bongacams, a Cyprus-based company that goes in heavy on Eastern European and Russian chicks. But how does it measure up in other areas? Does it, in addition to plenty of chicks, cater to gay and trans aficionados? Is it a smooth and ad-free experience, or can you expect lots of sneaky pop-unders to gunk up your browser? 

Read on, friends and neighbors, for the full skinny. 

What is Bongacams? 

As mentioned, Bongacams is a Cypriot cam site that provides a heavily Eastern European and Russian stable of models (though a lot claim to be American). It’s heavily slanted towards girls (particularly amateurs), with neither guys nor trans categories often climbing into triple digits. 

How Much is Bongacams? 

Anyone who’s window shopping and not ready to make a commitment will find a lot to love in Bongacams’ free chat, where performers often get pretty hot and heavy without a dime being spent. You can’t chat to the models unless you register an account, however, and even then you are limited in how much you can chat. 

Private chats will set you back around 5 euros a minute (remember that Bongacams is a European site; they operate in euros, not dollars). If you want to make that an exclusively private chat (no peeking from other users) then you need to compensate the model for the lost revenue, and it will cost about 7.5 euros per minute. 

Not everybody’s got a money tree in their back garden, so if those options are a little too rich for your blood, you can cobble together money with your fellow degenerates and opt for a group chat. This option will set you back about 2.5 euros per minute. 

Finally, for the truly impoverished, there is the spy option. Sneak a peek at some other dude’s private show for about 1.5 euros a minute, with the caveat that you can’t direct the action at all. 

What kind of Live Sex Experiences can you find? 

Bongacams’ strength lies in its amateur models – specifically, in its amateur female models. There’s more than a thousand online at any given time, and many of them are willing to get hot and heavy in free chat before you have to spend a penny. 

The good news is that Bongacams is great if you’re into girls. There’s more than 1500 online at any given time, and there’s plenty of variety in terms of age, body type, and ethnicity. If I had a gun to my head (which isn’t the case today) I’d say that Black and South Asian girls are a little underrepresented, but overall there is a good selection. 

As for guys – there are sites with bigger selections, but compared to some others it’s not all that bad. There are 80-100 guys online at any given time, and though they tend to be skinny white/Asian twinks, there’s a little variety there. Just don’t expect the numbers you find in the girls category (but that’s always the case). 

Trans performers roughly equal guys in terms of models online at any given time. The good news here is that these girls look pretty good – a lot of trans performers on other sites are not exactly lookers, to be honest, and it’s nice to see a site that has some genuinely hot trans girls. 

Finally, there’s couples. There are a hair fewer couples active than the guys/trans categories at any given moment, and there’s roughly an equal split between MF and FF couples. I noticed quite a lot of variety in ethnicities – white and Asian couples were the most numerous, but there was a smattering of black and interracial couples too. 

Design of the Site  

Bongcams follows your basic cam site template for the most part – categories and search bar at the top, ads down one side, and the majority of the screen taken up with thumbnails. The thumbnails update every ten seconds or so, but are static unless you hover over them. If you do hover over them, you’ll get a video preview of the action – handy for checking things out without having to click through. 

One downside of Bongacams’ design, it has to be said, is its insistence on internal ads. You can’t go five minutes without getting a popup ad urging you to buy more credits or sign up. It’s not a deal breaker, but it’s a little annoying after a while. 

What I like about Bongacams 

As a site to nose around and check out the performers without spending a fortune, Bongacams is great. The models do commit to nudity/masturbation quite often without so much as a penny being spent, so it’s awesome if you’re on a budget. 

That aside, it’s got a great selection of girls, and a decent number of guys and trans performers online at any given time. 

What I don’t like about Bongacams

The one really irritating thing about Bongacams is the ads. They don’t make me wanna buy tokens or a membership more – they just make me wanna relocate to a cam site that doesn’t constantly shove ads down my throat. 


Bongacams is a great amateur cam site, and you can get a lot out of it for a little cash. It’s also got a really great selection of models, who need very little incentive to get nekkid. 

That said, the ads might drive you to suicide long before you’ve had your fill, so do be warned.


  • Great lineup of models (especially girls) 
  • Uncluttered design, easy to use 
  • You can see a lot without spending anything 


  • Intrusive ads 
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