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Gooned Reddit Review: Dangerous Brainwashing or Pleasure?

Do you love porn? You might think you do, but trust me, you don’t know what porn lover means until you’ve met the proud porn addicts in the Gooned Reddit.

This growing porn subculture centres around literally worshipping pornography and pornstars and edging yourself silly to them for hours or even days.

It gets the name Gooning from the intense masturbation that goes with the hobby. Gooners (also known as Pornosexuals) will fuck their first or finger themselves senseless (yep, bitches do it, too!) for so long that they turn into a cross-eyed, babbling, and sticky mess.

According to Gooners themselves, achieving “the Goon” is a sexual high unlike any other. It’s supposed to be so good, in fact, that many of them prefer it to real sex. Some of them even take a no-pussy pledge and choose to commit their sex life to jerking off to oiled-up porn sluts. And who can blame them?

It started off as a very unexplored niche. But these days, mainstream media outlets are covering the phenomena, and it’s rapidly growing in popularity in NSFW-friendly spaces like Twitter and Reddit, where porn-crazed bastards constantly share increasingly sophisticated content, often with hardcore captions that aim to brainwash others into their porn-worshipping cult. 

I don’t need to be brainwashed because, after reviewing the first dedicated Gooning porn site recently, I’m damn interested in the Gooning subculture and want to learn more.

So, in my search for stickier details, I was directed to the r/Gooned Reddit. With over 784,000 horny members, I was told that this is the place to get to grips with the Gooning community, absorb their brainwashing captions, and get a feel of this taboo subculture.

But will the Gooned Reddit leave me more satisfied than a Gooner who successfully held his edge through a 48-hour porn marathon? 

Or will it leave me with more regret than a Pornosexual who just lost an edging challenge, spunked all over himself, and now has to face his punishment in the form of a long, hard, and merciless strap-on fucking session from a Goonette (female porn addict)? Let’s find out!

What is The r/Gooned Community? 

The official Gooned Reddit was created on the 1st of May 2019 and is described as a bastion for all masturbation-addicted, fist-fucking Gooners.

It’s the place for proud and closeted Pornosexuals alike, whether they’re male, female, or transgender, to spurt their favourite Goon caps, share their true Gooning stories, drop porn and selfies, and meet other like-minded pump addicts for fun. 

It has amassed just shy of 800k members and is soon expected to hit the magic number of 1 million. Not bad for a porn subculture that was recently niche and relatively unknown prior to some recent publicity, such as Angela White’s Gooning-themed porno for Brazzers.

When we think of porn addicts, it’s easy to imagine a bunch of perverted guys just jacking off over their favourite smut. But Gooning pulls in a wide range of the spectrum, so you can expect to find guys, girls, and transsexuals posting in this popular subreddit.

And on the topic of posts, next, we’re gonna delve into the filthiest content that you can expect to find on the Gooned Reddit!

What Kind of Gooning Porn is on This Reddit? 

I’m gonna come out and say it, I fucking loved exploring the content on this taboo subreddit and could genuinely feel myself getting brainwashed and dragged down the rabbit hole of porn addiction.

Here are some of the highlights I came across during my dirty trip through this taboo porn subreddit:

  • Angela White Haunting a Femboy Gooner – Angela White is seen as an elite-tier pornstar, or a Porn Mommy, amongst Gooners. This Australian whore with gigantic tits takes full advantage of her status among porn addicts. She recently starred in this clip that saw her appear like a slutty genie behind a Gooner who was already in the transition into a porn-addicted femboy. Then, she oiled up his cock (Goon Stick) and began jerking him/her off before burying his face between her giant Australian milkers.
  • A Gooner’s Dream girlfriend – A trans slut with a giant dick to fuck you with and a welcoming hole to bury your own dick in? It’s every Gooner’s dream! This mind-blowingly hot shemale jerks his fuck stick to some hardcore porn in a gamer chair until she sprays sticky white love juice all over her tanned and perfectly-toned stomach.
  • When you’re gooning and need to taste cock – This clip features a sissy Gooner dressed like an absolute whore and dreaming of becoming one of her fuck slut idols she’s been watching on screen for ten straight hours. She can’t handle it anymore and, determined to taste the sweet musk of cock, bends her legs behind her head and swallows the tip of her own dick until she pumps her own homemade spunk down her neck. Achievement unlocked: The Marilyn Manson!
  • My ass is DESPERATE for a cock; mind being a bud and filling it for me? – When these two Gooners met through this subreddit for a porn-worshipping session, one of them didn’t expect the other to come dressed as if he’d just stepped out of a whorehouse. It didn’t take long for this cock-teasing Gooner to get used like a human fleshlight over a gamer’s chair, and the sight of a fat Goon Stick slamming into this femboy’s smooth ass as his limp, porn-wrecked cock bounces wildly below is a sight to behold!

Yep, the content in this subreddit is diverse as the textures of cum being sprayed over the face of a Bukkake cumslut taking her 49th load to the dome.

However, the bulk of it is seriously extreme stuff and not for the faint-hearted, the easily led or, most importantly, the easily offended. So all of you pussy Zoomers should avoid this subreddit like the plague!

What’s The Design Like? 

One thing that pains me is seeing a subreddit with a tonne of followers, yet zero effort has been put into the design of the site.

But I’m glad to report that the Gooned Reddit doesn’t have that problem and actually boasts a kick-ass subreddit design.

First is the cover photo that welcomes you into the subreddit. It’s in classic porno blue with the words Gooned written in bubble text.

Either side, you have pornstars (locally known as Goddesses in this subreddit) like Kianna Dior, Jasmine Jae, and other cum guzzling harlots to give you an idea of what’s on offer here.

The profile picture is equally cock-teasing and features a teen e-girl pulling an ahegao face with her tongue out, and she has her eyes censored with the words “Gooned”.

The rest of the sub is easy to navigate and equally straightforward to filter content according to top posts, rising content, and stuff which is deemed controversial.

What I Like About the r/Gooned Subreddit

Firstly, I love the site’s overall design and appreciate that the mods have put some effort into their profile picture and cover photo because so few NSFW subreddits do so these days.

The Gooning subculture isn’t just some weird hobby people do in their bedrooms. There’s actually a solid social side to it too.

The sub has monthly meetup threads for Gooners to find other porn-addicted masturbation fanatics nearby and meet up for all manner of ungodly things. 

For example, you have sissies looking for guys to use their holes like a pornstar, and you have guys seeking to do just that.

You also have sexually open-minded Gooner couples looking for other porn addicts to hook up with and everything in between!

Plus, as you can clearly see, it’s far from a bunch of dudes just jerking themselves silly, and a lot of horny porn-addict women post some incredible smut in here too. 

Like women with a little extra meat between their legs that isn’t just a big labia? Me too! The Gooning subculture is packed with transsexuals, from sissies to shemales.

Many of them actively post in this subreddit, whether it’s sharing sissy and trans content or actively looking for hookups with Gooner guys and girls. 

What I Don’t Like 

The main thing I dislike about the subreddit is the lack of warning to new visitors about how extreme and transformative the content that lies within actually is. Hell, I’ve even added one to the bottom of this subreddit review!

Also, the subreddit lacks a decent array of flairs to narrow down content according to what you’re looking for.

Suggestions That I Have For This Subreddit 

Seriously add a word of warning to the site and a disclaimer that you’re not responsible for any potentially negative effects the content may have on people.

This is some of the most extreme forms of porn consumption available, and it really needs to come with a warning to people who are unaware of what’s contained inside. 

Add some flairs to the site to help users filter their content. With over 780,000 members, there’s a lot of content in here, so a basic range of flairs would be really helpful. You could start off with just some basic ones like Gooner, Goonette, Hypno, Sissies, etc.

Should You Join The Gooned Reddit? 

The Gooned Reddit is an extreme subreddit where porn addiction is seen as a positive, but it’s not for the fainthearted or weak-minded. This is an exceptionally hardcore kink and shouldn’t be taken as a joke.

The content here is sometimes described as the “Heroin of Porn”, and it can be a corruptive dopamine hit unlike any other.

However, if you’re a bona fide pervert like me and love being led astray by cum-soaked pornstars, join today and slide down the Gooner rabbit hole!

A unique stronghold of the equally unique sexual subculture of GooningLack of a warning/disclaimer on the extreme levels of the content contained within
A solid mix of male, female, and transsexual members posting regularlyThe lack of user flairs makes it difficult to filter content properly 
A well-thought-out and well-made subreddit design

Porn addiction disclaimer: Gooning might be centred around the whole kink of porn addiction, and those involved are having a lot of fun (I know I did whilst exploring it!). But you should be aware of the huge difference between the fetishisation of porn addiction and actual porn addiction. If you feel like your kinky obsession with porn is having a negative effect on your life and causing harm or upset to those you care about, I suggest you visit the many resources for porn addiction online. 

I’m Nicole and I’ve been rubbing my c*nt to porn since I first discovered the internet, and it’s played a defining role in my life ever since. Newporncity has been described as an adult guide by porn fanatics, for porn fanatics and it's my gift to the adult industry I adore and my fellow porn enthusiasts, whom I equally love.


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