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Epic Elsa Jean Maid Porn: Our Cute Little Plaything 

Porn for porn’s sake is all well and good, but everybody enjoys a good story. This is why the very best porn out there features copious amounts of fucking but also a heart-warming, feel-good story of the summer.

It’s why Debbie Does Dallas is a classic, but you’ve never even heard of 4 Hours Of Just Fucking With No Plot Whatsoever

This is why shorts like Our Cute Little Plaything are so great. Not only do you get to watch a husband and wife destroy the pussy of a petite blonde, but you also get dialogue and such leading up to said pussy destruction. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most epic Elsa Jean maid porn in the form of Our Cute Little Plaything

Our Cute Little Plaything: Overview 

  • Starring: Elsa Jean, Osa Lovely, Flash Brown 
  • Runtime: 43:18 
  • Release date: 2016 
  • Director: none credited 

Our Cute Little Plaything: Plot 

Elsa Jean is fresh out of high school and in need of a little extra cash. She starts cleaning at the home of the wealthy Osa Lovely. Dissatisfied with the amount of cash she’s receiving, she soon asks for a raise to fund going to college. 

Mrs. Lovely agrees to the raise, on the condition that Elsa raises her shirt and drops her panties while she’s cleaning. After some initial reluctance, Elsa acquiesces. 

Mrs. Lovely goes from simply watching Elsa clean in the nude to fudding herself silly while watching. Elsa is nonplussed and continues her normal cleaning routine (but naked). 

One day, Ms. Lovely’s husband comes home and is surprised to see that they’ve had a cleaner. He concludes that this is the reason the house is clean. No word on if Mr. Lovely’s day job is at Mensa. 

Mr. and Mrs. Lovely engage in frankly inappropriate sexual contact in front of Elsa. Elsa continues to pretend to clean while being more than a little taken aback at Mrs. Lovely’s sudden initiation of fellatio on her husband. 

The conversation turns to speculation on what Elsa’s “tight little pussy” might feel like to Mr. Lovely. Elsa announces that she’s finished the dishes; Mrs. Lovely directs her to do the floors.

This doesn’t seem sanitary, given that Elsa will need to kneel on dirty floors naked, but nobody seems too concerned about hygiene issues. Mr. and Mrs. Lovely start fucking directly behind Elsa. 

Shortly thereafter, the couple begins to fuck Elsa. Elsa, ever the professional, persists with cleaning the floor while Mr. Lovely raw-dogs her and Mrs. Lovely plays with her tits.

The action soon moves to the bedroom, where Mrs. Lovely and Elsa take turns getting fucked by Mr. Lovely. The only cleaning being done at this point is the waxing of Mr. Lovely’s shaft. 

At the conclusion of the movie, Mr. Lovely gives Elsa a comprehensive facial, which she then shares with Mrs. Lovely. The Lovelys conclude that they would be happy to pay for Elsa’s college education, so everybody’s happy. 

Is It Worth Watching? 

Those who enjoy an MFF threesome will find much to love in ‘Our Cute Little Plaything’, even if there might be one or two HR violations sprinkled throughout.

Elsa’s cleaning routines could also do with a little work, as she spends a good ten minutes on a single section of the kitchen floor.

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Any reputable cleaning agency would have her released with no severance pay for that. 

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