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Adult Icon Angela White Almost Died After Shooting Porn Scene

It’s recently been revealed by Kieran Lee that Legendary porn actress Angela White reportedly almost died as a result of a sex scene she shot. 

Co-performer Keiran Lee recounted the event on an episode of a podcast entitled “Pillow Talk”, as per The Sun newspaper. Lee alleged that he accidentally hospitalized the noted Australian porn star during a 2013 scene. 

Lee, whose 9.5-inch penis is insured for a whopping one million US dollars, explained that he shot a scene with White that lasted over an hour.

Two days later, he was told that she’d returned to her native Australia, complaining of stomach pains. It was purportedly discovered by doctors that her appendix had burst during the scene – a potentially fatal condition. 

Lee appeared alone on the podcast, and White herself has not corroborated his version of events. However, White has spoken about her appendectomy previously; in 2016, the famed porn star described on Twitter how surgeons removed her appendix via her belly button. 

White explained that the surgery involved an incision made above her pubic bone and at her hip. According to her, recovery was fast; there was minimal scarring, and she was ready to attend a porn expo a mere four days after surgery. 

Keiran Lee – real name Adam Diksa – was asked by the podcast host if it was possible his infamously large penis may have been responsible for the burst appendix.

Lee rubbished such claims, instead speculating that the position in which they were having sex may have been responsible. 

White’s initial sexual misadventure did not deter her from working with the girthy porn star again – but nor was it the end of their calamitous professional relationship.

In a subsequent performance, it was Lee that was left in agony after a bout of lockjaw caused White to bite down on one of his testicles. Lee described it as the “most painful experience” of his career.

Angela White Remains Undeterred  

White has not let either incident put her off from continuing what has been a distinguished career in the adult video industry and has recently filmed some groundbreaking scenes with major producers such as Brazzers.

She has won several awards during her career and was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame in 2018. She also won the AVN Female Performer of the Year award in 2018 and 2019 – the only woman to have won the award in back-to-back years.

She went on to smash her own record in 2020, winning it for a third time (and thus, by default, becoming the only woman to have done so). 

White is also known for her political activities in her native Australia. In 2010, she ran as a candidate for the Australian Sex Party, opposing Green Party candidate Kathleen Maltzahn. White stated that her intention was not to win but simply to keep Maltzahn (who advocated the forcible closure of brothels) from winning. She obtained 2.9% of the overall vote. 

In 2013, White filmed a sex scene with fellow Australian Sex Party candidate Zahra Stardust. Their scene was reportedly the first-ever pornographic scene between two political candidates. 

In addition, Angela White has been given the unofficial title of Porn Queen by the up-and-coming Gooning community, which is made up of kinksters who openly fetishize their “addiction” to hardcore porn.

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