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Lisa Ann Stalked For Over a Year Following Doxxing Scandal 

Well-known porn star Lisa Ann has claimed that she underwent a year of stalking following her departure from the adult film industry and a doxxing scandal.

Though it is unclear to which departure she refers (as she has quit and returned on several occasions), the last time she quit was in 2014. Following her exit from the industry, she became host of a sports podcast. 

As a young woman, the native New Yorker was a staple of the adult video scene. Of particular note was when she portrayed famous Tea Party firebrand, Sarah Palin, in a porn parody.

However, she ran into several problems during her time in the industry – following one such problem, on the set of a Hustler movie, she was fired due to her allegedly unacceptable on-set behavior. 

Lisa Ann also encountered trouble with people outside of the adult industry. She feuded with noted rapper Kanye West at one point, claiming that the troubled musician had sent nude pictures to her. 

On a recent Swerve City podcast, Ann outlined the details of her ongoing issues with stalking. She alleged that she requested that officers visit her following a “doxxing” scandal (wherein personal details are publicly shared).

According to Ann, adult movie producers, as well as other industry personnel with access to her personal information, leaked details of said information online. Included in the compromised data was her SSN, parents’ address, driver’s license information, and mother’s maiden name. 

Ann went on to allege that the police didn’t take her allegations seriously. This was despite, according to Ann, the fact that she received death threats and was forced to sever contact with her family to insulate them from further harassment. 

Ann continued that she was forced to contact the police on New Year’s Eve, after she perceived that an intruder had entered her apartment. Fearing for her life, she activated her panic button, causing officers to arrive at her domicile within five minutes. Ann also armed herself with a knife. 

After the police entered her home with some force, it was ascertained that there was no intruder. Ann was then lectured by the officers about the provenance of the threats against her, which was believed to be ongoing internet feuds. The police further suggested that any intruder serious about harming her would have simply done so, rather than threatening it. 

Ann finished by stating that it was a “year of utter torment”. After selling all of her assets in New York City, she relocated to Los Angeles and “spent the next year at the gym”. 

Lisa Ann is a Living Legend, Despite The Threats She Faces

Despite the ongoing woes in Ann’s personal life, there is little doubt that she remains a living legend in the adult movie industry. She is also an active advocate for better workers’ rights within the porn industry; she has advocated for increased condom use and STI prevention, as well as better rights and pay for minority performers. She also frequently uses her profile in the assistance of several charities.  

Lisa Ann is also far from the only well-known pornstar who has had threats made against her life. The iconic Lebanese pornstar Mia Khalifa faced threats from Islamic extremists after she starred in a porn flick that saw her sucking cock whilst wearing a Hijab.

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