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Yasmeena Ali: Meet Afghanistan’s Only Female Pornstar

If, when filtering pornstars by nationality, you elect to search for “Afghanis”, it’s likely that only a single name will be returned: Yasmeena Ali. Yasmeena is an exceptional adult performer – not merely for her considerable carnal capabilities, but also because of her uncanny knack for self-promotion. 

Information about Yasmeena is hard to come by online – not least because many sources discussing her tend to misspell her name. However, with a little detective work, it is possible to dig up a considerable amount on her. 

The first surprisingly fact about Yasmeena is that she can be more properly considered Anglo-Afghani. She moved to the UK with her family at the tender age of 7. Yasmeena has spoken little about her childhood, but has mentioned that she found it difficult to live in a country where, as a girl, she was not entitled to a formal education. 

At the age of 20 Yasmeena tired of her rigidly traditionalist family, and of the strictures of Islam. She moved to Paris and entered into a relationship. She moved in with her new partner, an atheist of Jewish extraction, and he credited her as his “muse” when it came to his passion for photography. 

In 2017, at the age of 24, Yasmeena made her porn debut. Though she met with limited success at first, it wasn’t long before her propensity for self-promotion surfaced. She soon began styling herself as an unconventional feminist, a radical who was standing firm against the more misogynistic elements of Islam. 

Yasmeena Ali, Honor Killings, and Controversy

Certain elements poured fuel onto the fire by playing up her boyfriend’s Jewish ethnicity, further stoking tensions. Her father reportedly sought her out in order to confront her about her new lifestyle, traveling to Slovakia to track her down. It was also alleged that he attempted to hire a hitman to kill his daughter for $70,000, in a bid to carry out a so-called “honor killing”. 

Yasmeena was unbowed by the attempt on her life. The now-avowed atheist condemned her father for his actions, and asserted that she didn’t care what others thought of her career or her choices. Yasmeen stated that she was free to do with her body as she wished. 

The porn star has also expressed contempt for her home country’s ruling government, the Taliban. Yasmeen dismissed the Islamic fundamentalists as “hypocrites”, and speculated that they likely watched porn as much – if not more – than anyone else. 

Yasmeena has also been frank about her exploration of her own sexuality. Coming from a repressed background, she stated that she had no idea how to approach sex or masturbation. So inexperienced was she with her own body, she said, that it took her months of practice before she reached her first orgasm. She described the experience as “the trigger for a lot of things”.  

No matter what the future holds for Yasmeena, one thing is for certain: as the world’s most famous (and perhaps only) Afghani porn star, she will remain a lightning rod for adulation and criticism alike. 

If women from conservative countries who have shaken off the shackles of religious oppression through a career in porn is something that floats your boat, then you should defintelty check out Mia Khalifa after you’ve jerked your cock like crazy over Yasmeena Ali!

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