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The Top 9+ Super Realistic Sex Dolls For Every Fetish!

Guys – we get it. Sometimes you just wanna cum without any pesky human interaction or intimacy. That’s when it’s time to consider a road less travelled: realistic sex dolls!

“But wait a second”, you’re probably saying, “I know next to nothing about the esoteric world of rubber fuck dolls. How on earth can I possibly choose from the plethora of hyper-realistic, high-quality sex dolls out there?” 

Fear not, dear reader. Take our rubbery, lifelike hand and allow us to take you down the (latex) rabbit hole…

Realistic sex dolls 

If you’re looking for the next best thing to an actual living, breathing woman, you’re in luck when it comes to sex dolls. There is a whole range of options out there suited for any budget. 

If you’re looking to keep it reasonably priced, go out on a limb with this 6YE Doll. This D-cup beauty may not have legs, but what she lacks in ambulatory verisimilitude she makes up for with big tits, a beautiful ass and a vagina that’ll keep you cumming back for more!

Made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), she is high-quality and durable for when she falls over because she has no legs. 

If you’re operating with a bigger budget and are slightly more fastidious about your limb count, consider plumping for a Pamela Premium TPE Sex Doll.

Standing at 160cm/5ft3 and with a realistic silicone head, Pamela will ensure you an optimum bang for your buck.

Do note, however, that because she has a silicone head, there will be no oral action no matter how much you cajole her. 

Finally, those looking for the Rolls-Royce of realistic sex dolls should opt for the “Jenna” Piper Doll.

This beauty has a fully operational skeleton, allowing for a variety of poses, and can even be upgraded to a top-of-the-line EVO skeleton for maximum realism.

The breasts can also be customized, from solid to hollow to “natural and soft”, and you can opt for vaginal/anal inserts for more convenient cleaning of your sex doll.

Jenna truly is the sine qua non of the optimal realistic fuck-doll experience! 

Teen sex dolls 

Those looking for a little more youth in their female facsimile will not be disappointed, as the sex doll industry offers plenty of options in this regard. 

An Anastasia sex doll might be just the ticket for those looking to scratch that Slavic teen itch; with customizable height, skin tones, vagina and mouths, Anastasia is a versatile model that can be suited to your specific needs.

It’s even possible to add full-body heating and simulated moaning/breathing for the ultimate realistic experience. 

Looking for something a bit curvier in your teen experience? Check out the busty Brienne; with a whopping L-cup, this larger-than-life doll has realistically proportioned orifices and realistic TPE skin for 100% user satisfaction! 

Celebrity Sex Dolls 

For those looking to indulge in a spot of coitus with their favourite movie star but unable to get within 500m because of that damn restraining order, there is always the option of a celebrity sex doll.

In fact, you don’t even need to stick to real celebrities – ever fancied getting down and dirty with Lara Croft or Tifa from Final Fantasy VII? The sky’s the limit in the world of silicone lady friends! 

BBW sex dolls 

For those who like their ladies on the curvier side, there are plenty of options on the BBW side. The Tori Premium Sex Doll features an appropriately massive butt and a whopping G-cup (though this can be reduced if necessary).

Be warned that, much like an actual BBW woman, Tori is on the heavy side, and you might incur a hernia if you don’t use those knees when lifting! 

If you like your BBW with slightly more anime proportions, Annika is the lady for you. Featuring a gargantuan H-cup and a variety of options (leg/legless, customizable height, the usual bevvy of options) Annika is another hefty girl, but well worth it for the discerning BBW lover. 

Asian sex dolls 

Your most popular porn category springs (almost) to life with a realistic, fully posable Asian sex doll and, like the other categories, you will not be disappointed. 

The true Asian fuck-doll connoisseur will likely break the bank to bring home Lyydia. Though not cheap, Lyydia is the premium Asian sex doll experience.

You can customize her to have a heated body, swappable wigs, deluxe realistic breasts, and even the option of a detachable penis, for the trans-appreciating gentleman. 

If you’re in the market for a bit more of an anime experience, consider the purple-haired Huang.

Huang has the usual plethora of customizable options, and you can even order extra heads/eyes if you feel like mixing it up a little. 

If you’re looking for a slightly cheaper naughty Asian schoolgirl encounter, consider the seductive slut that is Ruth.

The base model is eminently affordable, but it’s entirely possible to upgrade Ruth as much as you want.

In addition to the usual options, you can add a simulated breathing system, fully articulated hands (for holding… mugs and stuff), real human hair and even a deluxe oral experience, with replaceable tongues and teeth. 

MILF sex dolls 

Ever since Stifler’s mom burst onto the scene, we’ve all, let’s face it, had a thing for MILFs. Though not always possible in real life, anything is possible with fuck dolls. 

Sophie is a fantastic stand-in for your best buddy’s sexy mom; with a voluptuous figure and bountiful F-cup boobs, this blonde-bobbed bombshell is perfect for those satiating their naughty mom fantasies. 

If you’d like something more outrageously proportioned (but no less sexy), Miss G is your poison.

This curvy H-cup vixen features a knock-out body more commonly seen in hentai but coupled with the more worldly and knowing features of all your favorite MILFs. 

Finally, if you’ll accept nothing less than the absolute hugest tits that man can conceive of, consider the M(!)-cup Danielle.

Danielle is not quite as customizable as other sex dolls, but hey – M-cup titties. What more can a hot-blooded man want?

Porn star sex dolls 

If you’re watching porn, chances are you’re seeing yourself inside that pizza delivery girl’s panties.

Well imagine no longer – with the wonderful world of realistic sex dolls, you can easily slide inside a silicone representation of your favorite porn star! 

Those with a penchant for redheads should check out the serendipitously named Scarlett, a knock-out redhead with a perfect body who comes in at a lightweight, easily portable 31kg.

Scarlett comes fully equipped to handle funny business in any of the three main orifices, so get it in there and go to town! 

If you’re more into your brunette porn stars, check out Laura Angel.  Customizable down to her areola and labia colour, this premium doll has very realistic features and can, at your discretion, include a removable vagina for ease of cleaning. 

Vampirella aficionados will find a lot to love in the amply-busted Ivy. Featuring, quite frankly, huge tits and a vampy older-lady vibe that will leave MILF-lovers weak at the knees (and perhaps elsewhere), Ivy is customizable right down to her areola size!

Pregnant sex dolls 

Alright, so you have rather niche tastes. No judgment here, only acceptance. And also links to pregnant sex dolls. 

At the top of the range is Rosie, a heavily pregnant soon-to-be-MILF with a G-cup and a rotund belly.

Sophie the pregnant slut sports a range of customizable features, including skin tone, full-body heating, realistic moaning, eye/hair detailing and an optional removable vagina. 

If you like a slightly more petite model in your pregnant sex dolls, consider Katherine. With a slightly smaller belly and an F-cup, she’s the doll of choice for the gentleman who likes his sex doll a little less pregnant. 

Finally, we have the heavily pregnant E-cup JAV lookalike from JY Dolls. Ultra-realistic and durable, with the option for an EVO skeleton, synthetic/human hair and customizable pubic hair, this doll is perfect for the man who wants a super, super pregnant sex doll in his life. 

Hentai sex dolls 

If you’d like something a little more fantastic than your average realistic sex doll, hentai dolls are always an option. From succubi to elves and vampires, there’s something here for everyone! 

The petite Elsa is the perfect elfin beauty, standing at 4’11 and packing an E-cup rack. Elsa is fully customizable down to her outfits and wigs, though of course, you can, as standard, also customize boobs and vagina. 

If you’re more of a succubus guy, the unexcitingly-named Samantha is for you. Sporting horns and elven ears, Samantha is guaranteed to fulfil all your nasty demon-related fantasies.

Plus, for an extra fee, you can customize Samantha to be robotic, sucking and fucking without any input on your part. Truly diabolical!

But perhaps you like your hentai fuck doll to be truly hentai – and what is more hentai than an absurdly proportioned, tiny-waisted, big-titted vampire seductress?

This Piper Premium Vampire Sex Doll is here to see to your sanguinary fantasies, with an E-cup, a waist not seen since whalebone corsets went out of fashion, and even the option for the most realistic vaginal material scientists have ever concocted – the revolutionary H2O Cyberskin vagina.

Truly we are living in a golden age!


And there we have it; the (almost) exhaustive guide to all your premium sex doll needs. There’s a reason why there’s been such a boom in sex doll manufacturers, and a quick look at a store like Hxdoll reveals an ever-growing array of realistic sex dolls.

This exciting and vibrant industry has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, and we cannot wait to see what fuck-doll scientists come up with next.

Fully responsive AI-controlled sex dolls trained in semi-safe erotic asphyxiation? Dynamic sphincter tightening? Findom dolls that spit on you whilst spending your grocery budget on hyperrealistic synthetic saliva?

We can’t wait to find out, and we’re sure you can’t either – stay tuned to find out! 

I’m Nicole and I’ve been rubbing my c*nt to porn since I first discovered the internet, and it’s played a defining role in my life ever since. Newporncity has been described as an adult guide by porn fanatics, for porn fanatics and it's my gift to the adult industry I adore and my fellow porn enthusiasts, whom I equally love.


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