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JAVFinder: A Weeb’s Japanese Porn Paradise?

Outside of Japan, there’s a huge demand for Japanese porn (JAV) and the squealing, tentacle-riddled weirdness that comes with it!

However, not many people outside of the country speak the lingo, so navigating adult videos from the land of the rising sun can be a pain.

JAVFinder is a free, English-language Japanese porn streaming site packed with videos. It sounds like a Weeb’s dream, but is it?

We completed the site’s registration, made an account, and checked it out!

What is JAVFinder?

japanese porn min

JAVFinder is a free porn tube site that specializes in all manner of Japanese Adult Videos (JAV) and tries its best to translate the titles into English.

JAVFinder Porn Videos

There are thousands of JAV videos in this space, but these were my favourite to watch and download.

Celebrating School Graduation With Creampies

Straight out of school and onto Japanese porn sites! These two 18-year-olds toast their graduation with multiple creampies from strange men. Cheers!

Doctor Fucks Mom & Daughter

This gynaecologist said he was “thorough” in his ads, but this mom and daughter didn’t realize just how much he loves his job!

JAV Interracial

In this rare BBC versus Japanese teen video, we see some epic interracial porn as a black dock wrecks a tight Japanese pussy.

Design of The Site

javfinder japanese porn site min

The design of JAVFinder isn’t very impressive. When you navigate from page to page, you often see the basic version of the site pre-loading.

It’s easy to navigate, though, and the main menu lets you filter porn by censored and uncensored, as well as search through categories, pornstars, and JAV production studios.

From JAV Censored to Uncensored, Here’s What I Like About JAVFinder!

As great as Japanese adult video is, the amount of censored porn is a thorn in the side of viewers in most cases.

However, JAVFinder has neatly categorized pornstars and content with a censored and uncensored tag. I imagine the latter leaves the former in its dust, but it takes all kinds of tastes to make a porn world.

In terms of categories to watch, the site isn’t lacking and has everything from creampied college girls to anal-loving Japanese MILFs!

What I Don’t Like About The Website

Unlike the Japanese repairing earthquake damage, these JAV porn videos can be slow to load, which can really interrupt your porn viewing session.

Also, any written content on the site is in poor English and reads like a riddle sometimes. For example, “The vast majority incline toward watching films remaining at home on their agreeable sofa”. What the fuck does that mean?

Are There Ads?

Yes. When clicking play, you’ll find that the site will force redirect you to a couple of shitty ads that look like they’re going to give you more virtual STDs than you’d find at a Japanese blowjob bar.

Suggestions That I Have For This Japanese Porn Website

The video player needs to be better optimised as it’s currently not up to standard at all. Poor video quality will just make viewers leave and negatively affect your bounce rate.

Also, chill with the shitty forced redirects. If viewers wanna click on an ad, they will. Don’t force them like a Japanese teen being rudely groped on the Tokyo metro until she’s forced to cum.

I don’t speak Japanese, so I wouldn’t dare criticise your English. But I suggest paying a native speaker to proofread any written content on the site so that visitors aren’t put off.

Is JAVFinder The Best Site To Watch Free JAV?

With tonnes of censored and uncensored Japanese porn in a variety of niches, JAVFinder has a lot of potential.

However, it struggles when it comes to playing videos and overall site design. So I’m going to opt for porn sites with a better user experience.

I’m Nicole and I’ve been rubbing my c*nt to porn since I first discovered the internet, and it’s played a defining role in my life ever since. Newporncity has been described as an adult guide by porn fanatics, for porn fanatics and it's my gift to the adult industry I adore and my fellow porn enthusiasts, whom I equally love.


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